Schedule 2007-8




All meetings are held on the third Friday of each Month at the Sydney Masonic Centre (SMC) unless otherwise specified. The dining fee is $30 (drinks inclusive).

October Installation

November Initiation

December Initiation

January (Emergent meeting) Initiation

February First TB, IPM Educational talk, EAF presentation

March *14th*! (2nd Friday due to Easter) -Third Degree

April ANZAC Memorial Address, Second Degree

May Initiation

June *4th Friday!* Powerpoint Presentation "The Moon and 7 Stars" Masonic, Alchemical and Archaeoastronomy interpretations

July * Meeting Changed to 4th Friday due to Traffic considerations during the Papal Visit*

    Information Night / Presentation on Appendant Orders

August Second Degree

September 1st Tracing Board & Educational Walkabout

October Re-Installation